How to get my French Health Pass “Pass Sanitaire”

Last updated on 13 Aug

People vaccinated in the UK can now scan their full NHS vaccine status into the TousAntiCovid app using the QR code.

Your NHS QR code (the most recent one possible) is recognized by the TousAntiCovid (TAC Verif) app, which checks the validity of QR codes.

Reminder of the requirements for a full course of vaccination and for the necessary delay following the final dose:

  • 1 week after the 2nd injection for two-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
  • 28 days after the injection for single-dose vaccines (Johnson & Johnson/Janssen);
  • 1 weeks after the injection for people who have previously had COVID-19 (only 1 injection needed);

France recognizes the AZ-Covishield vaccine, so it is possible to travel to France with this type of vaccine if you have been fully vaccinated.

How do I prove I have been vaccinated?

1/ By downloading your pass through the mobile app NHS App

2/ Via the NHS website

How to add the Pass on TousAntiCovid app

Open your wallet on the app and then click “Add a certificate”

You’ll then be able to scan your NHS Vaccination QR Code. The certificate will automatically be added.

You can now use this certificate in France!

Sources: Ambassade de France au Royaume-Uni - TousAntiCovid App

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