TravelCovid is an unofficial website made to help people who are planning to travel between UK and France during Covid-19 pandemic.
Imagined to answer simply and quickly to all the requests concerning the travel restrictions (vaccination, tests, forms, quarantines…) that we know very complicated lately.

This site allows all travelers to get all the information needed to travel between these two countries: vaccination, tests, forms, quarantines…
All information is sourced, updated regularly and easy to access.

The creator of the website is Thibaut GENET, a French engineering school student living in London. Passionate about IT and new technologies, he started to create his first website at the age of 12.

Regularly traveling between France and the United Kingdom, he noticed a lack of clarity in the information given during the global pandemic period. He decided to create this website, at first, to help his relatives during their trips.

Putting my knowledge in web development at the service of travelers, allowing them to travel serenely and to plan a nice organized summer is my main objective, and for which I will continue to feed the website until the end of the travel restrictions.

Do you need help choosing your covid tests?